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By Rupert 10 months ago
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Did the Aperol spritz have you oohing, did the Gin & Tonic make you an alchemist, has the thought of a cosmopolitan sent you back to the heady 90’s? If the answer to any of these questions has been an affirmative yes, then 2016 was the year that saw those and coffee based drinks make the fine dining scene more than you could imagine.

So what does 2017 hold? Will we be saying goodbye to the Spritz that gave us the summer buzz? Will rose’ finally be a gonner or will we have more surprises than a Super Bowl halftime show? Let’s take a look.

Be prepared to be bitter
No, not that way. Bitters are all around us, and yes, the Aperol Spritz is just one. Fear not, it won’t be going anywhere but the essence of the Aperol was simple. Bitter flavours with citrus notes, so expect to see more of the same and in larger quantities of drinks for 2017.

Brad Thomas Parson released the book, Amaro last year and with its second publish due this year we can begin to see bitters taking Cocktail nirvana this year. From Negroni (done properly) to Fernet-branca expect more Italian mixers gifting the taxonomists something to purr over in the bars and cocktail lounges up and down the shores of the UK.

Craft Beer

Craft Beer explosion
You don’t need to look far to see another micro-brewery popping up on a high street or major city suburb, but the craft beer explosion that has taken place over the last three years is set to really fly in this post Brexit decision of 2017.

The falling pound coupled with producers making more of a fist of getting flavour combinations just right will see the smaller producers grow, more choice on the shelves and even better bottling facilities so your hipster inspired artisan off-licenses will see more newcomers trickle in and be suspended in disbelief at how far craft beer has gone.

“Oxygenated, sulphite free, velvety fresh wine”
If Brian McClintic couldn’t have brought you round to the idea of natural wine in the 2016 Netflix documentary, “Somm Into The Bottle” then 2017 is going to be the year that you wish you knew a lot more about natural wines, and Brian McClintic. The essence is simple, people love wine, people hate hangovers. Sulfites, tannins, high alcohol production, high laboured varieties of wine will do this to you and your biggest commodity, your body. But natural wines work on the premise of taking all of these things away from the production and allow mother nature to do it’s thing. We’re going to see more in 2017 because, it takes so long to get it from grown, to bottle to natural fermentation, and now, we’re ready.
Be on the lookout for the orange wines or slightly off white varieties which these natural wines are so commonly known for; oh and be sure to see more young drinkers as they have put scorn to the word, sulphite, at the forefront of their mind.


Welcome back, Tequila?
Oh, the headache. Oh the bad decisions. Oh the regret. These are the words that are usually associated after a night on the town after having drunk Tequila, well, guess what, we’re going to be seeing more of it in our bars and this time, it’s going to be pleasant. The problem with tequila is, people see it more like a to finish the night (or finish off your night) whereas what they should be doing is treating it like a fine whiskey. 100% Agave plant tequila will not leave you feeling ill, it also costs a lot more than £1 a shot. Served with the right food choices and used as a responsible nightcap, tequila is going to be a barman’s trade secret for 2017 and to be honest, if it’s done right, there can’t be much wrong with that.

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