3 Cocktails You Must Try This Year

By Rupert 6 months ago
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We’re halfway through the year and the outdoor event season is in full swing; you’re probably hosting one or have a busy schedule for the next 12 weeks, don’t worry, we completely understand and know what it is like; we are after all serving our best across a variety of events.

From weddings to private parties, corporate events and even chef’s tables, being aware of what can be used in your entertaining repertoire is what we pride ourselves on; whether that is food or drink.

At the Fine Dining Company we provide a full bar service and have come across some great cocktails from the classics to the new wave varieties that everyone must try at some point or perhaps, use in one of these great outdoor summer parties.

The Negroni
June 5th to 11th is international Negroni week and for those that haven’t yet tried this, you don’t know what you’re missing.  If you’re a fan of a strong, hearty and comprehensively one of the coolest drinks ever made, then this is for you.

Equal parts gin, vermouth and campari, its bold colours, striking appearance and punchy taste make this one of those sit down drinks to be enjoyed in the company of others. It is Italy’s answer to the Americano, James Bond’s original cocktail of choice, and nothing like the Aperol Spritz that was so popular last year. For those who want a sweeter variety, ask for a Negroni Sbagliato which replaces the vermouth with sparkling white wine or for some, prosecco.

Anthony Bourdain once commented, “it will hit you like a freight train after four or five”. You’ve been warned.

The Old Fashioned
Call us old fashioned, but, we like the classics and The Old Fashioned is just that. There has been a side step away from this great drink in recent years. The plethora of gin bars and the lack of knowledge in what used to be a staple in the mixology world has meant that it hasn’t quite made the hip crowd, but we’re seeing a resurgence and we couldn’t be happier.

Guardian columnist and food writer, Felicity Cloake  wrote, “It is a drink that goes down as well before dinner as after it; one that you’ve almost always got the ingredients for; and which packs just enough punch that one is, sensibly, enough.”

A mixture of sugars, bitters and alcohol of choice (usually brandy or whiskey) and topped off with a cherry, you won’t be far out of place on the set of Mad Men. It’s a cool drink, a very cool drink!

Say hello to Aquavit
The Nordic equivalent to gin, this short, shot type alcohol is the rage this year. Mixed with caraway traditionally it has seen its reputation grow into folklore and legend outside of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. But mixologists and bartenders alike have started to see the benefit of adding this wonderful flavour to cocktails and the results mean that publications like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Forbes have seen bars, speakeasies and even liquor cabinets in America and the UK fill with the product.

For your first foray into the Aquavit world, why not try a Tom Collins replacing the gin element with the Aquavit. You could also try a Negroni once again replacing the gin, or going straight with the alcohol and mixing it together with lemon cordial and ice; simply devine.

Getting the right drink for the right occasions can be tricky, but with the right knowledge and bar staff like we have here at the Fine Dining Company to help you, you can be sure that your cocktail of choice oozes cool and class all the way.

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